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Add yahoo Smileys on Blogger Posts – Blogger hack

In this Post I will help you to add Yahoo Smileys ( images ) to blogger posts . you might have noticed in many wordpress blogs there will atleast one Yahoo smileys . As we know expressions speaks more than words , with a single yahoo smiley we can express our mood. In wordpress this feature is build in. But unfortunately blogger doesn’t have this feature :( .But here is an easy trick to add yahoo smileys to your blogger posts . if you just type the codes given below you will get yahoo smileys for that simple letters.

for example : if you type
:z you will get :z .

Add Yahoo Smileys to blogger posts

Just Follow this steps to add Yahoo Smileys feature to your blog.

Go to layout section of your blog , then go to Edit HTML section . Search for this following code </head> and add this Javascript before </head> .

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Add this yahoo Smileys Javascript code before the head section

that’s it , here after whenever you write blog posts just add this yahoo smiley codes . For this simple letter codes you can see beautiful yahoo smileys .
:) –>

:) –>

:( –>

:p –>

:D –>

:$ –>

;) –>

:@ –>

:# –>

:k –>

:x –>

:o –>

:O –>

:L –>

:r –>

:s –>

:y –>

:~ –>

:v –>

:f –>

:d –>

:c –>

:z –>

troubleshooting : You Must give space before writing yahoo smileys code .

That’s it we have added yahoo smileys code to our blogger blog :~ .

See you soon with a new blogger hack.

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37 Responses to “Add yahoo Smileys on Blogger Posts – Blogger hack”

  • subagya August 11, 20083:31 pm

    Assalamuaaikum Rias
    i have insert this smiley.js. and i would like to ask you if this js having trouble with another js? because my calendar arsip (phydeuax3 blog hack calender) not woking perfectly.
    but if i remove this smilley js, the calendar work perfectly. Sorry if have many question a lot.

  • yresy August 11, 20085:02 pm

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Thanks a lot for this hack!

  • Mohamed Rias August 12, 20082:38 am

    Hi subagya ,

    Open the .js file in notepad and copy all the code and insert the code between


    .js code here


    You can add this code either above
    </head> or above
    </body> or just add this as New HTML page element.

    regards ,
    Blogger accessories

  • Arabic Bites August 18, 20088:07 pm

    What about how to add Smileys ( images ) to blogger comments.

  • Sheik August 19, 20085:28 am

    Hi Arabic Bites,

    I will write about that very soon.

    Blogger accessories

  • Arabic Bites August 19, 20089:11 am

    Thank you so much sheik.

  • thinchhia August 20, 20083:22 pm

    this hack is not working for my blog

  • Mohamed Rias August 20, 20085:08 pm

    please leave space before entering the code.Sometimes the image is not available due to heavy load. Try uploading the images to your own host .

    Blogger Accessories

  • ~ms tepung~ August 27, 200810:46 am

    Hi, I have a problem..after putting the script, i’m able to see the smiley..but the problem is the smiley is utilizing one line. can you help me?

  • YJ August 31, 20087:07 pm

    thnks a lot…

  • Yuda September 14, 200811:43 am

    Thanks but it does’t work in my blog. what do you mean by giving space below the code? please clear it. :D : D

  • Yuda September 14, 200811:46 am

    Anyway, how could I have smiley icons to appear on my post a comment box? so that everyone can use it in their comment. Thx ;) ;)

  • Mohamed Rias September 15, 20085:31 pm

    Hi Yuda ,

    I said we must give space before writing the smiley codes.

    for example : Yuda is happy :D

    We should not like this

    Yuda is happy:D

    i hope it’s clear now. Regarding adding yahoo smileys to comments , i will make a post on this soon

    regards ,
    Blogger Accessories

  • ~ms tepung~ September 16, 20084:39 am

    i have tried and it works however it really looks different

    in this posting i have tried
    mine will be telan saja kot :z

    but it appear as:-
    mine will be telan saja kot

    is it because of layout setting? thanking u in advance :)

  • X-Fire September 21, 20086:37 pm

    what about a script with yahoo’s smiley codes? :k will be :* etc etc, my users use a lot of yahoo codes, so this script doesn’t help me :(

  • Newbie Freak September 23, 200812:56 am

    thank for your trick, hope can be apply on my blogger. thank you

  • Rabin November 30, 20087:22 am

    you rock man!!!

  • Ahmad November 30, 200811:46 am

    :D nice……
    it’s work on my blog…..
    but why after i put this code, my marquee script can not run ?

  • tozludefter December 2, 200812:48 am

    Ankara 9. Sulh Ceza Mahkemesi,04.02.2008 tarih ve 2008/140 nolu karar? gere?i bu siteye eri?im TELEKOMÜN?KASYON ?LET???M BA?KANLI?I’nca engellenmi?tir.

    (Access to this web site is banned by “TELEKOMÜN?KASYON ?LET???M BA?KANLI?I” according to the order of: Ankara 9. Sulh Ceza Mahkemesi, 04.02.2008 of 2008/140)

  • Eleena December 2, 20083:44 am

    It doesn’t work :(

  • Admin December 2, 200812:56 pm

    i will bookmark you on my PC, it ‘ll be easy to come here again :) thenmustputut :p

  • Helen December 11, 20089:02 am

    Thanks it worked for me, now I would like to be able to add them to my comments page also :)

  • nApStEr December 16, 20084:03 am

    :D –>

  • iqkram94 December 31, 20087:50 pm

    Cool!! :)

  • January 1, 200910:01 pm

    Cool!! :)

  • pustiulica January 3, 20098:05 pm

    Nu merge

  • Le-Ann Mariamlelue January 12, 200910:07 pm

    Thank you
    it worked
    Can you please advise on how to add this to the comments page?

  • Ashique February 5, 20097:23 am

    Very informative, thanks mate

  • fyzue February 8, 20098:00 am

    it seem the pic is not available anymore :(

  • Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai February 22, 20098:39 pm

    Luckily it worked!!! Blessings
    Bro plz switch to a pro account on photo bucket, none of us is able to see the pictures on your posts.

  • Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai February 22, 200911:18 pm

    Does Font type and size matter in writing these simleys ???

  • Stoica Daniel March 25, 20091:42 pm


  • Stoica Daniel March 25, 20091:43 pm


  • Tony Bourdier April 19, 20096:31 am

    This didn’t work on me and it also hides my slide flasher so I don’t know what I did wrong. I need to add these smileys to my shoutmix box.

    Anybody can help?


  • spiritsquest May 11, 20094:50 am

    doesn’t work at all

    please help me

  • Mohamed Rias May 14, 20091:20 am

    @ spiritsquest

    please mail me your template to and add me to gtalk as well.

  • Naani June 6, 20094:56 pm



37 Responses to "Add yahoo Smileys on Blogger Posts – Blogger hack"