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Screen resolution CSS hack for web designers

Most of us might have noticed that our sites may look different in different screen resolutions. Though I have already posted one article on making website layout cross browser compatible , but its also necessary to make your site compatible for different screen resolutions. The visitors of your site will not have same screen resolution [...]


Converting WordPress themes to Blogger Templates

It’s being longtime I have ripped a WordPress theme to use in Blogger Beta. Many users ask me for wordpress theme conversion in Google talk. I thought it would be great to open a thread in Techie blogger itself , so that all my readers can give me suggestions. I can rip any existing wordpress [...]


Show Adsense ads below post title

May 16, 2009Blogger Hack


In this tutorial I will explain how to place Adsense ads below post title in Blogger Blogs with lots of customization tips. You might have noticed that most of the bloggers show Google adsense ads below title to increase their Click through rate and earnings. According to Google adsense help pages ” Where to place [...]


Video Tutorial : Backup Blogger templates widgets

Backup Blogger Widgets

One of the Major Problem Blogger users have is whenever they try to change their templates , They will loss their widgets even if they have taken backup of their blogger blog template. After changing their Blogger template , they need to add blogger widgets again manually. It’s really annoying and time consuming process. So [...]


Add 125 x 125 ad section to Blogger

Learn How to add an extra B:section in your Blog template and also learn to add 125×125 ad banners ! I noticed that most of my readers are asking me How to add 125 x 125 ads section in Blogger templates. We know that to add a widget we need b:section with add page elements [...]


Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap To Google Webmasters

September 15, 2008Blogger tutorials


Today I am going to tell how to add blogger blog to Google. Everyone ask Why we must submit our blog to Google , Since Google automatically indexes our Blog. But by submitting our blog sitemap to Google we can make Google to index our Blog frequently. One more question everyone ask is “Why should [...]


Related Posts Widget For Blogger – Bugs fixed

Many of my readers are asking help to add Related Posts Widget . I was confused because i have added all the code correctly then why my friends are not getting this hack working. So i looked the templates of all those who sent me error message . All their templates are of same structure [...]


Adsense Video Units Ads is available for All Now – Adsense Player

Today I have got a great information to you all guys. We all know that Google Adsense is going to retire Referral ads by this end of August 2008 . Now they have several future plans , One among them is Adsense Video Units is available to all now.Before this latest announcement , Google Adsense [...]


Add Search form to Blogger Beta Template

At first Adding search form to blogger was difficult but now Blogger Accessories has made it easier. We can add search form to blogger in three method . But in this post I am going to concentrate only on Adding custom search form . Custom search form means you can modify the search form look [...]


Social Bookmarking widget for blogger

On all Blogger’s mind there will be just one question , How to drive traffic to our blog ?We need to have quality content and backlinks to drive traffic to our blog and occupy first place on google search engines. First one Quality content is in hands of the admin who writes the post. he [...]


Add yahoo Smileys on Blogger Posts – Blogger hack

In this Post I will help you to add Yahoo Smileys ( images ) to blogger posts . you might have noticed in many wordpress blogs there will atleast one Yahoo smileys . As we know expressions speaks more than words , with a single yahoo smiley we can express our mood. In wordpress this [...]

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