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How to create pages in Blogger Blogs

As a blogger user for many years, I was looking for a feature just like wordpress to create pages in blogger. Though at that time, that feature was not available. But now recently has enabled it for all blogger users. Now one can have their own pages like about us, contact , advertise , etc. And we can have our own custom templates/layouts on these pages too.

Creating pages in Blogger

In this tutorial we can see how to create and customize pages in blogger blogs.

  • step 1 : Pretty basic one indeed. Login to your blogger account and go to dashboard.
  • step 2 : Now Navigate to your blog and there you can see EDIT posts link. Click it.

Create Pages in Blogger blogs

  • Step 3 : A new window will open , in that you can see a new sub tab called ” Edit pages ” click it.

Create Pages in Blogger blogs

  • Step 4 : Now in that page you can see a link to create New page. Click that link.

Create Pages in Blogger blogs

  • Step 5 : That’s all. Now you can see page where you can add title and content for your new Page. After adding the content, click publish.

Now we have got one new Page in our blogger blog. The best thing is that you can create up to 10 pages in blogger. I hope blogger will definitely increase it in future.

Customizing the Blogger pages

In my next posts, I will explain how to customize the blogger pages. I will cover the following topics :


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