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Premium Quality Brownish Blogger template

Today I am Going to Publish my Fourth three column Blogger template. I hope among those Four Blogger templates this is the best one. It’s a premium quality Brownish Blogger template. This Blogger template consists so many new features. let’s see few among them

1. Twitter like news Widget or Adsense banner ad

There is a HTML / Javascript Element in the header section. You can use this widget either for displaying twitter like site updates or you can just place Adsense or Adbrite Ads.

Adding adsense ad is easy , so Now I will tell How to add the Twitter like news widget.

The CSS code required for this hack is already included in the template. So Now we just need to add the following code in the HTML widget found beside the header.

<div id=”twitter-like-news” rel=”nofollow”>

<b:if cond=”data:content == &quot;&quot;”>
<em> Site Message </em><h1>type the text you want to display here</h1>


Change the text in red and green to suit your blogger template.

2. Top Navigation Widget

In the layout section of your blog , you can see a HTML/ Javascript widget. There you can put the links you want to display.

<li><a href=”/“>Home</a></li>
<li><a href=”“>Blogger Templates</a></li>
<li><a href=”“>Widgets</a></li>
<li><a href=”“>Blogger Hacks</a></li>
<li><a href=”” rel=”follow”><span style=”color: rgb(255, 102, 0);”>{Subscribe}</span></a></li></ul>

Customize the text in red and green to suit your blogger template.

3. Page Navigation widget :

The Page navigation widget in the blogger template has the css code like in my blog.

4. Three column Footer section.

This is one of the special features of this template. This template has a three column footer section in a unique style. I will write a post on this hack soon.

There is a Blog archive widget already included in the footer section. there please change the appearance of the widget to drop down menu type.

5. SEO ( search Engine Optimization ) title hack included

6. Favicon is also included , just change the image url with your own image url.

if you going to change your current blogger template with this one , then please look at this article so that you can change the template without loosing your widgets.

License: This work is done under creative commons license 3.0 . i have spent some 3 hours to create this template. So please don’t remove the footer credits.

if you guys want any modification in this template then please send your suggestion to mohamedrias1103@gmail , I can modify this template to your wish for free.

Demo : Blogger Accessories

Premium quality brownish Template

I hope you will like this theme for sure . Very few Blog themes are there with professional look. I am sure that this theme is also one among them.

I can also convert wordpress themes to Blogger xml templates. if you are really inspired by any wordpress themes let me know , i can convert that template to you for free.

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27 Responses to “Premium Quality Brownish Blogger template”

  • Himanshu September 28, 20083:09 pm

    wow a great template ….soon i will be changing my template and will definitely switch to your template…..check out my blog….

  • s September 28, 20084:36 pm

    This template has an error! Whenever I click page 2, it goes to page 5. There is a problem with the pages. How do I fix it? Please show me. This happened with your DailyPress template too. I even tested it on two different blogs and even created a new one and it still had this error. Please fix it or show how it can be fixed. Thanks a lot.

  • Darshan Chande September 29, 20085:07 am

    Hello there,

    The template is great. Though when I viewed it in IE it does not look the same. As most of the people are still using IE i guess compatibility with IE is most important. Or was it just in my PC? Please check. I am not an IE user but as for my site I would like it to display well on IE too.

    One more thing. Can you help me with my template? Minima template. I want to make it into three columns with certain conditions.

  • Darshan Chande September 29, 20085:09 am

    Hey buddy one more important query. Is it okay to remove blogger nav-bar. Not against TOS for sure? Please I want this answer, no one is giving. Hope you do.

  • Mohamed Rias September 30, 20081:12 am

    Hi Daeshan Chande ,

    We can remove Nav-bar . It’s not against TOS. So many Bloggers who use Blogger don’t like nav-bar in their template.

    Blogger Accessories

  • $ THA GOAT $ September 30, 20081:39 am

    how do we widen this template?

  • Darshan Chande September 30, 200810:10 am

    Thanks for the answer. As for other help, it’s okay. I have found a great design idea and won’t need three columns now. Thanks anyways.

  • PALS October 1, 200812:21 pm

    Wow! Great template!

  • Leakat Ali Leku October 1, 20082:02 pm

    Dear Brother
    Assalamu aalaikum orahmatullahi obrakatuh,
    Thanks,congreets and EID Mubarak too.
    Mr. Rais
    Hi…I am Md. Leakat ali by nick Leku from Chittagong Bangladfesh, taken pleasure to introduce my selp.
    About 4 months,I am trying to be a full time blogger to earn Halal/living from the comfort of my Home biz/jobs too. But poor in all respect, Know nothing about how to manage optimize traffic generation SEO and earn money from the blog.
    Managing 3 blog and a week before, validate with W3c found lots of errors. Ater that I am looking for better templete an lastly with the grace of ALLAH visit your site and primarily down load 3 column no 12 templete and opened with the new blogspot add: A chittagong University CLUB’78 (Phillanthropic alumni association.)
    From today and onward by the grace of almighty I am on your mark and keep trying to
    follow you and beg Your support too.

    Please never mind to contact and help me out and obliezed.

    Sincerly yours
    Cont info:
    Cell:(+880) 1558 571800 1554 332584
    Tell:(+880) Res 31 670452 (+6 GMT)
    Email ID :

  • Mohamed Rias October 1, 20082:35 pm

    Walaikum Salam Leakat Ali Leku ,

    Welcome to Blogger Accessories my frnd. If you want any help regarding customization of templates or increasing revenue , please feel free to ask here in blogger accessories or send details to my email :

    Add me to your gtalk , I can even provide online support.

    Allah Hafiz

  • serg October 2, 20081:27 pm

    With interest I read your blog!
    Tell us how to add in sidebar advertising 125X125.
    Thank you!

  • Leakat Ali Leku October 4, 20084:54 am

    Assalamo alikum O.O. Dear Mohamed Rias,

    Thanks and pledged bound for your quick respond But I am soory for the Late Ans!Actually I am a bit weak of low pressure and shocked and droped ……bath room ! Alhamdu lillah by the gace of allah nothing wrong. Eid gammat, meeting people evrything done but still feeling weakness,that it’s.
    Un doubtedly,I need your help very much and would like to proposed you to be a co-author of My blogs.
    Please confirm and obliezed.

    Best regars for all the times

    Md. Leakat Ali leku

  • $ n $ October 5, 20084:56 am


    I love your Glassy template Riaz!!
    Btw you are sharing some wonderful stuff here n i felt like following you! Let em keep cumin! Please check out my blog and drop your suggestions.

  • Rajesh N Butpur November 12, 20081:19 pm

    nice template

  • 3GP Cell November 17, 20086:14 am

    nice template thank you

  • Blueschica December 7, 200812:11 am

    Please verify the link that you are providing for downloading this template. Prior to the download its trying to install that new nasty Trojan/Antivirus 2009.

    My Antivirus caught it.

  • Geetha December 20, 20089:33 pm

    thank you a lot

    This is an amazing template.Your great Rias

  • Geetha December 21, 20088:30 am

    Hey this template is not working properly on my blog
    Rias please help me
    I need a template like you but But need template
    with 2 side bars in same size.
    And also update buttom with three differet “ad a gadget” giving some good template (Its poor accourding to yours) but there is some codes to put on your Template code

  • donyk January 4, 200912:42 pm

    yes is good

  • Shafar January 21, 20095:12 pm

    Good theme!

    Tips Blogger dot Com

  • Haidir January 29, 20096:38 am

    Assalamualaikum.hi, rias..thank’s for your premium quality brownies blogger template..and i will subscribe this blog, can you help me?i am newbie..please visit my blog please tell me how about to manage my template. thank’s Rias…

  • amiT jaiN February 15, 20094:41 pm

    @Darshan Chande & @Mohamed Rias

    If you remove or edit the blogger navbar , than it's a voilation of terms and blogger might delete your blog , read this for more info

    We consider it a violation of the terms to modify the Blogger navbar,

    Read this



  • Mirela March 25, 20095:09 am

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Blogger Online April 7, 20091:30 am

    hit friend
    i love your design

  • cuit April 12, 200911:57 am

    Dear Mr Rias
    Is it possible to have a blogger template as yours here (Techieblogger)? It is so nice and clean….


  • Graham June 1, 200912:11 am

    Hi Sweet Mr. Rias… You Are Awesome…

    I am soon going to change my template to Premium Quality.. I want to have adsense ads like that on this page, jut below the header. Just look at my blog and tell me what other rubbish I can remove. Thanks.

  • Graham June 1, 200912:14 am

    OOOps I forgot the link:


27 Responses to "Premium Quality Brownish Blogger template"