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Google translation Flags Widget for Blogger Blog

September 2, 2008Blogger widget


Now with Google translation widget you can translate english to 24 other languages like Arabic , Bulgarian , Chinese ( simplified and traditional) , Croatian , Czech , danish , Dutch , Finnish , French , German , Greek , Hindi , Italian , Japanese , Korean ,Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese ,Romanian , Russian [...]


Related Posts Widget For Blogger – Bugs fixed

Many of my readers are asking help to add Related Posts Widget . I was confused because i have added all the code correctly then why my friends are not getting this hack working. So i looked the templates of all those who sent me error message . All their templates are of same structure [...]


Outbrain Post Rating Widget for Blogger

August 6, 2008Blogger widget


Today I am going to write about an interesting Post Rating widget developed by . This Post Rating Widget is available for all blogging services like , blogger , typepad , drupal , etc . A Similar Post rating widget is developed by and is found here at Star Rating Widget **********************************************This [...]


Page Navigation Menu Widget for Blogger

Yesterday I wrote How to add Page Navigation Menu hack by editing your blogger template. Now today I would like to use a different method to add this Page Navigation Menu to our Blogger Blog. Most Bloggers will prefer this method to add Page navigation Menu , because this method is very easy than editing [...]


Add Search form to Blogger Beta Template

At first Adding search form to blogger was difficult but now Blogger Accessories has made it easier. We can add search form to blogger in three method . But in this post I am going to concentrate only on Adding custom search form . Custom search form means you can modify the search form look [...]


Navigation Menu or Drop Down Menu for Blogger

Here is an easy tutorial to add Navigation Menu or Drop Down Menu in Blogger. With this navigation Menu widget you can display most important links or categories in drop Down Menu format. This navigation Menu is very tiny and you can display as many links you want. Let us see how to add this [...]


Star Ratings Widget for Blogger

One of the disadvantages for authors who use blogger is that there is no rating/voting widget . Because of that authors don’t know how much the visitors liked their posts. After a longtime , now draft.blogger has found a trick . They recently posted that bloggers can now add Ratings widget on their blog through [...]


Related Posts Widget For Blogger with CSS

Related Posts Widget for blogger is what everybody is looking for, In Most of the sites we will find only javascript code and HTML tag for related posts widget. After adding the code to your blog , you can see just a list of related posts without any arrows or style css. So i wanted [...]


Social Bookmarking widget for blogger

On all Blogger’s mind there will be just one question , How to drive traffic to our blog ?We need to have quality content and backlinks to drive traffic to our blog and occupy first place on google search engines. First one Quality content is in hands of the admin who writes the post. he [...]