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15 Responses to “Show Date before each Post in Blogger”

  • subagya August 1, 20083:28 am

    Hi bro, im subagya from indonesia, can i ask you for something?
    how you place a code HTML in your post like that, i mean with the border, background, and picture inside (ex :CodeView) please answer. thanks a lot,
    best regards
    You can email me at

  • ????? August 14, 200810:21 am

    Great! Loads of nice hacks. :)

  • networking September 8, 20084:18 am

    Your blog changed my blog’s face, voted and stumbled this page also,

    Thanks so much, keep up the great work, cheers

  • kanditheemliveblog October 27, 20089:09 am

    dear i i have problem. ilogged in

    when i save it’s say….

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The element type “b:includable” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.

    help me

  • Sandra January 5, 20092:04 am

    I can't get this to work for me. Where do you add the code to CSS? Before < /b:skin > or what?
    Also I don't have the < div class='post uncustomized-post-template' > code, so what am I suppose to look for?

    When I add the code, I just get a white square, no date at all.


  • Shafar January 21, 20095:04 pm

    Really nice hack dude!

  • Vacanze in Albania February 12, 200911:40 pm

    Hi, how i do add an icon before every link of label? Thank you.

  • SLICE magazine February 16, 20091:30 pm

    ive got the same problem as Sandra.

  • Tomaz Vorsic March 4, 20095:42 pm

    Sandra. I have that same problem. I suppose the problem lies in your template structure and therefore, you can not apply this trick to your template. Unfortunately this is quite common.
    If you are interested in computers you are all kindly welcome to

  • Fox Prime March 23, 20093:21 pm

    don’t work
    ” The element type “b:includable” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”. “

  • Haidir April 5, 20095:55 pm

    hi Rias thank’s for your articles…may i copy your article to my PC?i promise i’ll not publish your article to my blog…i’m sorry if my english languange is too bad..thank you very much Rias!

  • Mohamed Rias April 6, 20091:19 am

    Welcome to Techie Blogger Haidir,

    Yes ofcourse you can save any articles from Techie Blogger to your PC. Even you can publish these articles but you need to put a read more link to Techie Blogger.

    If you need any help contact me……. my google talk id

    Mohamed Rias

  • Antony Kamau April 23, 20095:07 pm

    Hi, I am Tony from Kenya and I have a problem with my post date. I have an almost similar calendar template and the dates just wont display. When I tried modifying the script with yours I got a ‘No dictionary named: ‘post’ in: ['blog']‘error.

  • Antony Kamau April 23, 20095:11 pm

    Never mind, the dates displayed after I returned to the previous script and refreshed, I cannot explain how.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Micke May 4, 20098:27 pm

    I can’t seem to get this to work.
    Could anybody help me if I gave the css? Or you can take it from my site itself.

    I’m a real noob when it comes to stuff like this, so helt would be very mich appriciated.


15 Responses to "Show Date before each Post in Blogger"