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Designing Blogger Template : SEO Optimized Title Tag

December 10, 2010Blogger tutorials


I have seen so many bloggers have been asking me for tutorials to design Blogger template. As you all know I have created this new blog, just for blogger users. I have decided to post the whole process required for designing a seo optimized blogger template. You would have noticed that many designers have been [...]

How to create pages in Blogger Blogs

As a blogger user for many years, I was looking for a feature just like wordpress to create pages in blogger. Though at that time, that feature was not available. But now recently has enabled it for all blogger users. Now one can have their own pages like about us, contact , advertise , [...]

Adding Multiple Authors to Blogger blogs

The technique of having Multiple authors to manage a Blog is getting popular these days. Though this feature was already available in wordpress , recently Blogger too has enabled this feature. So now Blogger Users can have upto 100 multiple Authors or co-Authors for their blogs. So this new Team Blogging feature has enabled multiple [...]

Screen resolution CSS hack for web designers

Most of us might have noticed that our sites may look different in different screen resolutions. Though I have already posted one article on making website layout cross browser compatible , but its also necessary to make your site compatible for different screen resolutions. The visitors of your site will not have same screen resolution [...]

Magic House Blogger Template

Magic House Blogger template is a three column xml blogger template which is ripped from wordpress theme. As I told in my last post itself , If you request any theme conversion I will do that. One of my blog reader requested me to rip magic house wordpress theme to blogger template. So I have [...]